2014/15 Blog is Closed

The time has come for me to stop maintaining the 2014/15 blog. I won’t be deleting anything on it but you will soon no longer be able to write posts or leave comments.

I hope new and old students will visit the new MrToft.ca site coming September 8, 2015.

Thursday, June 26

beach photoHappy holidays to every member of my grade 5 class of 2014/2015. I hope you have a great summer vacation. I hope to spend some of it on the beach!

Computer lab today

ComputerHere’s what I’d like you to do today:

Create a final message for your blog. It could be typed as a blog entry with pictures created in SumoPaint or as a BitStrips comic.

Your message could talk about some or all of the following:

  • your best memories of Grade 5
  • your plans for the summer
  • your hopes for Grade 6

Do your best on this because this final message will the first message visitors to your blog will see! We will hopefully have one final computer lab period tomorrow to finish our posts.

Thursday, June 18


  • Tomorrow is tie day. Wear a tie and show your Berrigan spirit!
  • Tomorrow is our last Freezie Friday of the year. 50 cents for small, $1.00 for large.
  • Tomorrow is the last day of the Berrigan lunch and milk programs. They will not continue next week.

Wednesday, June 17

Photo 2015-06-17, 11 13 33 AM

Check out the henna designs on Madhavi’s hand!

Photo 2015-06-17, 11 12 31 AM

Congratulations to Jasmine and Madhavi for your wonderful performance in today’s talent show. We were all very impressed!

In your agenda:

We didn’t write in agendas today but if we did, I would have asked you to write:

  • This is the last week of the lunch and milk programs.
  • Freezies will be sold this Friday. 50 cents for small and $1.00 for large.

Posters for a new beverage

Click on the thumbnail to see the entire poster.