Monday, December 5

Another snowy day!

In Math we practiced measuring a variety of items to the nearest centimetre. We also practiced the “Adding Up” strategy for mental subtraction.

In English we started work on creating our own “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. We are creating one as a class and will also be making our own individual stories.

Friday, December 2

In Math, we continued practising using the open number line strategy for addition and subtraction. We then played a variety of math games. Here are two that are available online:


In English, we did a “Making Words” activity where the mystery word was chimpanzee. Many students were able to figure out the mystery word right away. After reading a little more of “Flora and Ulysses” the students continued working on their procedural writing.

Thursday, December 1

It’s hard to believe we are already in December. Time flies!

In Math we worked on finding the perimeter of a variety of rectangles. Students were asked to build a variety of rectangles and then calculate their perimeters. They then transformed the various rectangles into “Perimeter Creatures”.

In English we continued work on our procedural writing and read a little bit more of Flora and Ulysses.

Wednesday, November 30

broken-rulerIn Math we practiced measuring the perimeter of shapes in centimetres. For an added challenge, we had to use a “broken” ruler!  We also continued practicing mental math; this time doing subtraction and addition with the open number line strategy.

In English, we finished our presentations on invented sports and continuing work on our procedural writing.

Monday, November 28

subtractionIn Math we started work on strategies for subtracting numbers in our head. We began by using the open number line strategy.

We also looked at measurement. We reviewed what perimeter is and how to calculate it. We also practiced measuring units in centimetres and millimetres.

In English we started sharing our sport/game inventions.

Giraffe in a Tree

By Ayah

giraffeuptreeI think that the giraffe saw a predator, like a lion, and then the giraffe climbed the tree. It could not stay in the tree because lions are great at climbing trees. So, it climbed back down and put on a disguise. The disguise was a lion’s mane, with sunglasses.

Friday, November 25

Today in Math we started with a “Number Talk” to work on our mental math skills. We practiced using the open number line strategy to add two numbers. Following that, we played a variety of games to improve our mental math skills. 

You can print out some of the games we played by visiting:

Criss Cross Addition

In English we did a “Making Words” activity where the mystery word was “alphabetical.” We read Flora & Ulysses and used the following site to expand our vocabulary:

Word Girl – Power Words

Thursday, November 24

measurementIn Math we have started a new topic: measurement. We spent part of yesterday and today measuring a variety of objects in the  classroom. We decided which unit of measure would be best: metre (m), centimetre (cm) or millimetre (mm).

in English we continued working on inventing a new sport using some unusual items (a roll of duct tape, two tennis rackets, a whiffle ball, a stack of cups, a bag of balloons and a spool of string).