Wednesday, October 19

In Math, we worked on subtraction using base ten blocks. We practiced trading hundreds for tens and tens for ones.

One of the things we worked on in English is writing a Diamond Poem.  This type of poem reinforces parts of speech (i.e. adjectives, nouns, verbs) and helps students choose just the right word.

Here’s a poem written by students in Mme Coupe’s class:

brave studious
working reading writing
books pencils paper desk
helping marking teaching

Here’s a poem written by students in Mme Maki’s class:

playful active
moving talking screaming
rooms books beds pencils
travelling driving working
serious busy

Tuesday, October 18

One of the things we did in Math today was a game called Nimble Numbers. Students took turns building numbers out of base ten blocks (tens and ones). The first to build 100 was the winner.

Here’s the game in more detail if you would like to try at home. You could make base ten blocks out of straws, popsicle sticks, or paper. You could also use this website for virtual base ten blocks (Click on “Manipulatives” then “Base Ten Blocks”):


Monday, October 17

subtraction-strategies-editOne of the things we did in Math today was looking at a subtraction strategy. Instead of “stacking” the numbers we tried a number line where we add on to the lower number to find the answer.

We started reading groups today in English. I’ll be reading with a group each day while the rest of the class works on their writing. 

Friday, October 14


One of the things we did in Math class today was to play a game called Thirty One. Students took turns covering up numbers and the first to reach 31 was the winner. 

Click here for a copy of Thirty One.


Thanks to Kellie for being one of the first students to write a post at home. You can read her post about the Museum of Nature by clicking here.

Students are encouraged to write about what they are up to by clicking on “Write a Post”. They should know what the password is. For example, they might write about a weekend activity, a sports game, club, a family event, or a movie they saw.

Thursday, October 13

I am currently reading “My Father’s Dragon” by Ruth Stiles Gannett to the class. It’s the story of a young boy who sets out to free a baby dragon but has to face many wild animals along the way.

One of the things we did in English today was to look at why we use capital letters. Some reasons we came up with include:

  • to start a sentence
  • for the name of a person, place or product
  • for “I”
  • for titles like Uncle, Captain, Mrs.

We then continued to work on our second piece of writing. I hope everyone will have their second draft completed soon.

Wednesday, October 12

Tmultiplyingoday we looked at multiplying numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. We then played a dice game to practice our skills.

The following website shows how digits move to the left when you multiply by 10, 100 or 1000. It also shows how they move to the right when you divide. Type the number you want on the calculator, click on the down button, then select what you want to multiply or divide by.

Place Value Shifter

Tuesday, October 11


We are continuing to work on “zooming in” on a small moment, telling the story in order, using transition words and including strong introductions (leads) and endings.

Here’s a lead by Neo:

Do you like when you Dad calls you your brother or sister’s name?

When I was watching TV my Dad came up to me and said, “Roy, do your homework!”

I said, “I am not Roy. I am Neo.”

And one by Amelia:

It isn’t that easy falling on ice off a giant hill. I was about four or five when my brother asked my mom something interesting. I somehow heard him from my room.

And another lead by Suhana:

“Su, do you want to bake a cake for your dad’s 41st birthday?” said my mom. I said, “Sure!”


We worked on a question like this: 

A three-digit number has at least two 4s in it. One of the 4s is worth 10 times as much as the other 4. What might the number be?

Museum of Nature

By Kellie

On the PA day My mom and dad took the day off. Just to go to the museum of nature! We went to the new exhibit it was live reptiles there were alligators,lizards,ect. It was really fun! After that My dad said we can go to baskin robins! I got two scoops gold ribbon it was vanilla chocolate and caramel.My brother got cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough. My sister got citrus ice swirl.My mom got chocolate ice cream. We all thought it was really yummy.

Thursday, October 6

Making Words

One of activities we do in Language Arts is “Making Words”.  Today we worked with the following letters: 


We started by making smaller words like rot, toe and cot and work up to longer words like oboe and robot. Finally, we sorted the words into categories like:

rot, cot, robot

toe, oboe

By the way, the letters all form one mystery word: October.

Coming Up

Friday is a PA day and Monday is a holiday. I hope you enjoy your 4-day weekend! Students are encouraged to write about their weekend by going to “Write a Post“. They should know the password.