Monday, September 26

Seven students were successful at typing their personal narratives today. You can find them underneath this post. I encourage you to write a comment and ask questions about their story.

img_4186We are starting a new unit on place value in Math. Today we reviewed how Base Ten Blocks related to our system. We also looked at ways to express numbers using S.P.E.W. (Standard Form, Place Value, Expanded Form and Words).

Roll Roll Roll

By Eliana

When I was a baby I slept in my mom and dad’s room. I wasn’t old enough to sleep on a bed so I slept on a mattress.When we all fell asleep I rolled underneath the bed .When my mom came to give me some milk I wasn’t there!she woke up daddy and said I wasn’t there! He said impossible. They turned on the light. I really wasn’t there! They thought, I wasn’t in my sister’s room. I couldn’t get stolen and I couldn’t crawl. Just then they heard a small cry and I rolled out from under the other side of the bed. Mommy came and put me back on the mattress.

Mont Cascades

By Luka

Me and my family went to Mont Cascades. I was scared to go on a ride but I did it anyway. It was called Mammoth River. We waited in line. When we got our floaty I rolled it up the hill. When we got to the top of the hill we drifted down the waterslide. When the ride was over we all said we had fun.

The Best Day Ever

By Blake

One day me, my sister and my dad went to Calypso. When we got there it was so busy. It took us about 30 minutes to get in but I still had fun. When we got in I start to cheer, I go up, then I start walking towards my most favourite ride. Then we went on it, it was fun. After that we got a freezie for free. We went on a ton of other rides then I was tired so we went home. That was the best day ever!

My Dog Would Not Stop Barking

By Kellie

It was the night we got our new dog Toby! We waited until about 8:30 pm to go to bed. Since we got a new puppy we decided to have a sleepover with our mom and dad.The bad part is he barked and barked and did not settle down.It took him about 2 hours to fall asleep.But the nights after those were way better.

The End

Friday, September 23


Our completing our Friday Math Review quiz, we played several math board games. Here are links to some of the board games we played:


Three Hexagons

Diving Board


Everyone has now officially finished their first piece of writing. I look forward to sharing their personal narratives soon.

Today we also practiced parts of speech (i.e. nouns, adjectives, plural, singular, etc.) by doing a “Mad Lib” kind of activity. Click the following links for the same activities we did today:

Super Salad

Pet Show